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Avantgarde Tattoo in Barcelona

Tattoo Artist: Abel Miranda

Abel Miranda is an Avantgarde Tattoo Collective artist in Barcelona who has created his own style in tattooing from paint stains and abstract shapes, and that is laying the foundations for a whole movement around abstract tattooing in Spain and in Europe.

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Abel Miranda – Experimental Art

Abel Miranda’s profile

Abel Miranda, His goal: Adapt the forms of experimental art to tattoo techniques to create unique pieces that express the most intimate of the person, but  without revealing a single detail of what is behind the work.

How?: transmitting emotions; It is about transmitting – he has a shy smile – but without telling everything, the details are the owner of the tattoo.

With deep roots in tattoo culture, and continually renewing his technique, Abel creates compositions that adapt to the unique shape of each body to follow his movements and make the beauty of the variety shine, becoming a natural extension of the body.

Visit Abel’s website, discover HERE his work and follow him on his social networks.

Also, you can visit his studio so you can get a better idea of his style, you will like it so much that you will contact him to get a tattoo.