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Blessed Art Tattoo, located near to Barcelona center, is considered for a lot of people as a one of the best tattoo studios in Spain.

Samuel Rico, considered one of the best tattooists in the world, he opened it a couple of years ago and in this short period of time he has tattooed athletes like Neymar, Luis Suárez, Busquets, Alberto Contador, and celebrities such as Nikki Jam, Melendi, among others.

Carrer de Sardenya, 224, 08013 Barcelona


Phone (+34) 931 38 33 97

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Study specialties

Realism Tattoos, new school y neo traditional tattoos. Piercings

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Tattoos in Barcelona: Blessed Art presentation

The Blessed Art team and tattooists

In Blessed Art you will find international artists every month with a very high technical level to guarantee all our clients the best services that can be offered. We have tattooists with excellent technique and a lot of experience, as well as a great team willing to help you design and capture art on your skin.

Specialties of our Tattoo Artists:

Realistic tattoo

The realistic tattoo style is one of the most classic and with more travel in the world of tattoo. Just like when we think of the pictorial style, realistic tattoo designs are the most accurate representation of the real world.

Neotraditional tattoo

It approaches the themes and motifs characteristic of the old school tattoo, but representing it in the manner of the New School. Thus hearts, eagles, skulls, divas ‘pin up’, daggers, roses and swallows emerge again but without being reproduced in the way that the great masters of the old style did.

New school tattoo

They are defined by using all the advances and knowledge that have been produced in the world of tattooing in recent years. The new machines and the bright and more durable pigments of the inks have allowed to make new gradients, smaller details and to use colors that before would be unthinkable to use in a tattoo.

Blessed Art  in pictures

¡Discover some of the best works of the study!

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If you want a tattoo with the best of techniques and by the most recognized and reliable tattoo artists by sports and music characters, Blessed Art is your place.