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Directory of the best Spanish tattoo artists

In Culture Tattoo we have created a directory with the best tattooers in Spain. We know how important it is to find a reliable tattoo artist with whom you can prepare a quality project.

That is why we will help you in your selection of the best tattoo artist in Spain so that you get the tattoo of your dreams. Verified Spanish tattoo artists are those artists who have the “Verified Artist” logo. All verified artists enter the quality criteria established by Culture Tattoo. These criteria are based on hygiene, client treatment, and professionalism when performing your tattoo style. Quickly discover the best tattoo artist in Barcelona, best tattoo artist in Madrid, best tattoo artist in Valencia, … We do not intend to say who is the best tattoo artist in Spain, since this type of title would make no sense. Each artist has his own style and may like some and not others. Our mission is to allow you to find the tattoo artist that best corresponds to you certifying that the artist you are looking at is reliable and safe! Together we will fight to eradicate bad quality tattoos in Spain.

List of the best Spanish tattoo artists